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A probe is an element that simply displays the value at a given point in a circuit. It does not itself interact with other components.

In most respects, the probe component duplicates the functionality found in a Pin component configured as an output pin. The primary difference is that if the circuit is used as a subcircuit component, then an output pin will be a part of that interface, whereas a probe is not. They also are different in that the probe does have a Data Bits attribute to be configured: The bit width is inferred from whatever value it happens to see on its input. Graphically, they are similar but have slightly different borders: A pin has a thick, black border, whereas a probe has a thin, gray border.


A probe component has only one pin, which will acts as an input to the probe. The width that this pin accepts is adaptive: The probe will adapt to inputs of any width.


The side of the component where its input pin should be.
The text within the label associated with the component.
Label Location
The location of the label relative to the component.
Label Font
The font with which to render the label.
The base (for example, binary, decimal, or hexadecimal) in which a value is displayed.

Poke Tool Behavior

Pants Monaco Training 2018 2019 Squad Black Nike None.

Text Tool Behavior

Allows the label associated with the component to be edited.

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Squad Pants Nike Monaco 2019 2018 Black Training qZOtOR6rW Squad Pants Nike Monaco 2019 2018 Black Training qZOtOR6rW
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